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The welcoming smile on Karen's face made me feel immediately at home and I felt my shoulders relax!!

I was taken to Karen's studio sat in the make up chair and turned myself over to Karen. When she was done I turned to look in the mirror and could not believe my eyes; Karen had transformed me into a beautiful woman! My heart was pounding even harder as I walked up the path to the door.

For over 40 years I have had these feelings and I am finally able to showcase them in public and not behind close doors. I'm not going to become a full-time woman, but I love being able to dress up as a woman from time to time. I didn't feel at all self-conscious or awkward but enjoyed the relaxed feeling you helped me achieve. I only hope that I wasn't too self-absorbed to let you know how appreciative I was at the time.

Meeting others in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere was inspirational.

Our journeys are all unique and it is great to have others giving us support and cheering us along. Dianalinn dianalinn@Michele Writes: Although it has been two years since my first appointment with Karen I still remember every detail.

You will soon learn who is supportive and who is not.

I never had a bad experience jmw145@April Writes: Dearest Karen, It seems impossible that 21 months ago that I had never worn makeup nor dressed in complete feminine attire, but your skill, disarming manner and caring has let me find that small child that had been ignored for so long.

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